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    About Us

    Loyal Imports is a full-service sales and marketing company dedicated to selling only the best wine, beer, and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment is to provide our customers wit...

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    Work with Us

    We are an award-winning agency composed of fun people who have a strong sense of market trends. We are always looking to add new, innovative products to our current portfolio. If y...

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    Our Portfolio

    We take great pride in our broad range of high-quality products. Our portfolio of wines, spirits, RTDs, and specialty beers represents countries from four different continents. S...

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    Company Overview

    Loyal Imports is a full-service sales and marketing company dedicated to selling only the best wine, beer, and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment is to provide our custo...

Looking to expand your sales in Canada? Look no further! Loyal Imports is proud to be supplier's best choice for distributing wines, beers and spirits throughout Canada. We have a dedicated sales team, marketing professionals, knowledgeable import managers and customer support that will make you feel in a good hands.

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Here at Loyal Imports we are proud to represent wineries and distilleries from all over the globe. Our clients come from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine and USA

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  • Côteaux du Layon Chateau la Variere

      As lovers of sweet white wines, it is our delight to share this delectable joy with you which has been imported from the French vineyard of Côteaux du Layon. Allow us to delight you with some facts about this beautiful vineyard.     Côteaux du Layon is a lovely winery well known for its production of sweet wine. Located in the Loire Vally Anjou district, Côteaux du Layon is well known as one of the largest sweet wine appellations, covering approximately 4,200 acres (1,700ha) of vineyards. The topography of the area is what accounts for this winery's success. Summer mist from the surrounding rivers encourages the growth of the botrytis fungi, which are an essential ingredient for the production of the best Côteaux du Layon wines.       The wines produced from this vineyard are a deep gold in color with a hint of green. Upon maturation, the green evolves into a lovely auburn. The fragrance of this wine will delight your olfactory senses with its intense and complex aromas. You may catch hints of acacia flower, lemongrass, candied fruit, and honey. One sip will reveal an unctuous texture that is balanced with fresh acidity and delightful fruit flavors.
     29 September  19 comments
  • Paul Dolan Vineyards Organic Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

    Have you been dreaming about tasting a great Cabernet Sauvignon wines for a long time? If so, we have a good piece of news for you. Today, you have a great opportunity to turn your dreams into reality. 
     19 September  25 comments


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    We are honored to represent thousands of clients from all our the world.
     28 September  0 comments


Loyal Imports is a full service sales and marketing company committed to selling wine, beer and spirits throughout Canada. Our commitment to deliver great products, great service and product knowledge to our customers sets Loyal Imports in a unique position in the marketplace, as a strategic business partner and not just an agent/importer/distributor.


Loyal Imports is fully licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (#62530) and Liquor Control Board of Ontario (#1218) to canvas for, receive, or solicit orders for the sale of beverage alcohol products and perform marketing support.

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